Who We Are

As an Adaptive Strategy Expert (ASE) to top CEOs and thought leaders across 27 countries, The Grey Owl Company has partnered with clients for over 36 years to produce elegant solutions to complex challenges. Each challenge is met with equal parts rigor and finesse.

The Grey Owl Company’s success is grounded in four core values: Wisdom, Integrity, Service, and Excellence (WISE). Through this lens, The Grey Owl Company provides its clients with 20/20 foresight to see the road ahead before others and holistically fortify their strategic economic success.

Earl Ameen - CEO

Why The Grey Owl Company?

“Earl is an inspirational communicator and strategist, but more importantly, a straight shooter.”

The Grey Owl Company has helped many people and organizations solve complex challenges and grow their businesses and expand their personal development. See for yourself the benefits of working with The Grey Owl Company.

CEOs Hire Us To Distill Complicated Challenges Into Executable Solutions.

Earl Ameen – CEO


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Adaptive Strategies

Navigating pitfalls and cutting through the noise

Resultant Services

Getting you where you want to be faster

Transaction Management

Leveraging extensive experience to ensure desired outcomes