Why Grey Owl Enterprises?

“Earl is an inspirational communicator and strategist, but more importantly, a straight shooter.”

Grey Owl Enterprises has helped many people and organizations solve complex challenges and grow their businesses and expand their personal development. See for yourself the benefits of working with Grey Owl Enterprises.

CEOs Hire Us To Distill Complicated Challenges Into Executable Solutions.

Earl Ameen – CEO


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Adaptive Strategies

Navigating pitfalls and cutting through the noise

Resultant Services

Getting you where you want to be faster

Transaction Management

Leveraging extensive experience to ensure desired outcomes


Fidelitas Platform

Fidelitas offers private funding and business development services through its Fidelitas Legacy Fund and Fidelitas Platform. The Fidelitas Platform provides business development as the #1 conscious business amplifier for leaders ready to scale and evolve. Whether you need a landing page, a story page, a home page, or a full website redesign, Fidelitas is here to support you every step of the way.

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Excalibur Health Metrix

Excalibur Metrix connects people in need of energy resources with providers worldwide. We provide manufacturers with multiple distribution channels and offer a self-sustaining energy generator for reliable power supply. Our EGM Innovation solution enhances organic output and leads to sustainable agriculture. Excalibur Metrix also prioritizes safety with our top-quality personal protective equipment.

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The Donner House Foundation

Donner House Foundation aims to help people in need, focusing on homelessness, hunger, abuse, poverty, and the environment. They carefully select non-profit partners and establish a customized support system with a commitment to transparency and progress tracking. Founded by Earl and Sara Ameen, the organization is guided by biblical principles and a vision of “helping others help better.

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Grey Owl Productions

Grey Owl Productions helps businesses boost their brand awareness and connect with new and existing customers through high-quality podcast development, production, and promotion. They also offer services to turn your podcast into a visually engaging experience or even set up a radio show. Trust Grey Owl Productions to bring your brand to life through the power of audio and visual storytelling.

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THEOREM IS A PEOPLE DRIVEN Technology Company.We focus on digital design, strategic marketing, and all things technology to better businesses and brand experiences.

We pride ourselves in being fully transparent. We are clear on every step we take, and you will always be involved in all business decisions.

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