Earl Ameen - CEO

Earl Ameen is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Grey Owl Enterprises—a global ADAPTIVE STRATEGY firm based in Austin, Texas. As Adaptive Strategy Experts with more than thirty-seven years of advising public, private and nonprofit-sector leaders around the world, CEO’s hire Grey Owl Enterprises to provide 20/20 Foresightsm by distilling complex, complicated or chaotic challenges into simple, elegant and executable solutions and narratives. From this, strategies are designed and executed that allow increased velocity of decisioning. This way, companies grow more steadily while scaling quickly to meet market demand.

Aseem Aftab

Director Client Services

Kashmala Khan

Creative Director

Rao Asad Kamran

Administrative Assistant


The effectiveness and quality of service provided by Grey Owl Enterprises carries this distinction: We not only Consult, we Result! We go beyond the aggregation of big data to determine variable and potential outcomes. We extend our capabiliteis to deliver real-time custom solutions to our client from us, by us! We call this ~ Resultancy.


Grey Owl Enterprises expertise is industry-agnostic, and transcultural. Our global experience has produced an intimate knowledge of human behavior, both in times of stress and calm. As business sociologists, Grey Owl Enterprises understands how people and companies interpret differences between themselves, others and their respective circumstances, which may lead to divisive ideologies and limit awareness of, and pathways to, unifying connectivity.

Multi-Industry Professionals

Grey Owl Enterprises is comprised of skilled and experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). These professionals bring with them deep insights across a broad and varied spectrum of industries. They are appropriately teamed with clients to distill complex challenges into elegant solutions for our clients needing real-time, executable insights.”